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CSE Hero Academy
3 Weekly Sessions:

CSE Flexi-Core Workout / Mondays 3 – 4pm GMT:

Generate true inner body power

Improve Stability with CSE Flexi-Core workout sessions

Kung Fu Foundations / Tuesdays 3 – 4pm GMT:

Learn to channel your power and energy

Tricking Foundations / Thursdays 3 – 4pm GMT:

Maneuver your body

Manipulate the air

Understand spatial awareness
£40 monthly
CSE Unleash
Bespoke Personal Training Sessions
Create Bespoke Sessions For


Martial Arts

Movement Flow


Body Alignment

Stunt Falling

Stage Weaponry

And Much More

Just say the word and we can tailor personal sessions to suit your requirements.
From £100
CSE VIP Hero Training
What will you get?:

Personalise training plan

Once a week catch up call on your progress.

Accountability check eg Videos to be shown on your progress.
£99 monthly

Can you do these?!

As a gift to you for coming to the CSE Stunts website, we have a range of tutorials for you to follow, we'd love to see your attempts so upload them and tag us @csestunts and #csestuntschallenge!

We're always excited and buzzing to see what you guys do! 
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CSE In a NutShell


The only limits we are bound by are the ones we build for ourselves. In other words we are as free as we allow ourselves to be.

Our Mission

To take over the universe with peace, love, joy; to bring unity amongst us through the avenue of movement.

Get to know Your Trainers

  • Sherrel Miller

    Movement Choreographer

    In every challenge and trial is a valuable lesson and gift. Use it.

    We must nurture the grass we stand on in order to see the green.
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  • Jordan Moody

    Martial Artist

    Stay consistent. Keep going. You will be succesful

    What you put in is what you get out.
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  • "I have found training with CSE stunts to be fun, challenging and progressive. I’ve trained with the guys both in person and online and I’m moving completely differently to one year ago when I started doing kicks and flips at 36 years old. I thought those days were behind me but Jordan and sherry were very encouraging and although I’ve still got a long way to do I’ve seen more progress than I thought possible so far."
  • "CSE stunts is a game changer. They have introduced me to a whole new level of fitness. They have also honed the skills I already had, making them sharper and marrying them to new techniques, which I can now utilise and action properly and with the correct intention. They teach you the meaning behind the move, then how to master the move by learning it throughly then letting go, so it becomes apart of your makeup!"

Less than £2 per session

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