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A brief history about CSE Stunts

We are Creative Super Elite Stunts, a team of professional Martial Arts action designers, and dance/movement flow practitioners. Some of our latest works include leading the Olympic GB team through the streets of London; performing stunts for high-budget Bollywood films and Marvel movies such as ‘Doctor Strange’; and working alongside the members of Jackie Chan Stunt Team.

In July 2018 we re-launched CSE to found our very own Martial Arts action school, and have since made our services available in the form of workshops, intensives, personal training and even extracurricular school activities as well as birthday parties and requested small group gatherings.

At CSE we believe Some of the biggest challenges in life stem from how we feel about ourselves, physically, mentally and emotionally, so maintaining the balance between all three makes it that much easier to live the life of your dreams. Hence our reasons for being here; to support you in doing just that. So would you like to discover and unlock your potential? Join us on this journey of discovery and see just how far you can go
Sherrel Miller
Sherrel Miller is a movement artist who decided that this was her path when she did her first solo performance at a tender age of 11 years old. Since then, she studied dance extensively and holds a National Diploma in dance from the BRIT School and a BA in dance from De Montfort University.

One of the highlights of her career was a sold out musical theatre production of “Rehab“, which she co created with her brother, Sam.

Hungry for new approaches and to widen her horizons, she started venturing into various other movement practices; kung fu, capoeira, contemporary dance techniques such as Alvin Ailey, Martha Graham, Trisha Brown, Merce Cunningham and Flying Low, ballet, tap jazz, salsa as well as the Alexander Technique. During her journey, she met her partner, Jordan Moody, and they joined forces to found CSE Stunts, a martial arts academy that recently expanded to Ghana.

Sherrel is also experienced as a stunt woman and choreographed for a top carnival samba band, the “South London Samba Band“.
Jordan 'Rasta Monk' Moody
Jordan Moody is a London based martial artist who has over 20 years of experience in various styles of Kung Fu ranging from the Korean Sib Pal Gi, Shaolin to I Chi Chun’s 18 Golden Classics. Jordan was also trained in acrobatics, tricking and parkour free running.

During the span of his career, he has worked with some notable figures in the international martial arts scene such as Andy Long; a top stunt coordinator who is part of The Jackie Chan Stunt Team since 2011.

Driven by his passion for martial arts and inspired by his idol Jackie Chan, he founded CSE Stunts, a martial arts academy with his partner Sherrel, to fulfill his dream to teach and spread the martial arts philosophy through film and other forms of modern media.

Just recently, CSE Stunts expanded to Ghana, where they are currently training a team of martial artists and stuntmen for the African industry.

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Sherrel Miller

Jordan 'Rasta Monk' Moody

Shantelle Rochester

Tashan Martin

Jaydon Harris-Wallace

Leonardo Durrant

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